The Lotus Elise, launched in 1996, a real sports car that was an innovation at the time. It was followed by the Series 2 in 2000, however, the company failed to build a completely new car since it was based on the modified Series 1 chassis. Why was it modified? So that it could meet European crash test regulations. After that, we had the Series 3 (2010) which was a refreshment, to be honest, but still resembled the previous model heavily. The carmaker released a few of subsequent derivatives of the vehicle, but again they were just like the previous ones but lighter. One of the fresh examples of those cars is the Elise Sprint which weighs 798 kilograms (1,759 pounds).

We’ve been talking about the completely new Elise for seven years now. The latest news are that people from Hethel are most probably going to produce it in 2022. That car (render) was presented all the way back in 2010 by a namesake concept which attained the role of foundation for the mentioned render. Now, if the actual vehicle really takes its looks from the showpiece presented almost seven years ago we firmly think that there are going to be numerous things to get hyped about. Why? It’s beautiful, and it still looks futuristic and modern.

Jean-Marc Gales, the company CEO, said that the new Elise will be a bit larger than the one we currently have, however, engineers will keep its weight below 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds). They will probably do this by using a new bonded and extruded aluminum chassis.

The current state of things in the US is that Elise we have today is not available here. We have been promised that the new Elise will be available since it will fulfill all the safety regulations (safety equipment). The Elise that we have now was available in the US from 2004 to 2011 when it had to be pulled off the roads because of the airbags that were not up to standards. Lotus promised to fix these issues when it comes to the new version.

We left some photos to refresh your memory. Below you’ll find shots of 2010 Lotus Elise concept.