If you recall some of our previous posts, we brought you spy shots of the Jeep Wrangler pickup, but then it seemed as it was wearing a truck bed that looked it was ripped off another vehicle and bolted on. But this time we have spy images of the same truck only this time, although it’s heavily camouflaged, we can see something that looks a lot more like a production ready truck bed.

Unlike the pickup bed from the older images, this one actually looks right and made for this vehicle because it has the same dimensions as the cabin while its top matches the lines of the cab as well. The edges of the bed are also correct with a boxy shape and with straight edges which are a prime feature of the Wrangler. On the first glance the bed on this Wrangler reminds us of something from the custom AEV Brute, but upon a closer inspection, we see that the well-known plastic wheel arch flares extend farther forward, and the angle of the flares’ forward edges actually match those of the rear doors.

Since it is too early for any kind of detail disclosures, it is natural to see the new Wrangler covered up like it is in the pictures. What you can see, though, is a very large rear window, which should naturally offer good visibility. Since the roof is hidden underneath the camo, there is one presumption that might be legitimate, and it says that the new truck might host some sort of removable top, similar to the one that the prototype had or at least something similar to removable panels like on the Wrangler Unlimited.

Release Date

As far as engine department is considered many expect to see a turbocharged four-cylinder and a naturally aspirated V6 to be offered in this one as well as other Wranglers, but there is also a possibility that the automaker might include a diesel unit of some sort. The possible date when we might see it is not yet set but thanks to a report from The Detroit News which says production will begin in 2019, we presume that an official reveal might be sometime mid to late 2019 with sales starting possibly in early 2023.