2020 Ford Bronco and 2019 Ford Ranger – New Key Details


In a Reddit AMA, a user presenting himself as a designer at Ford answered some questions about the two models that are coming – the 2020 Ford Bronco and the 2019 Ford Ranger. One of the claims stated that these two vehicles will be just refreshed versions of the Ford Everest and global Ranger, which are sold in markets around the world. Nothing is odd about the Ranger, but is the new Bronco really going to look like the Everest? What is going on with its original, rugged look?


The guy who answered the questions is named FordDesignBurner, and his identity was verified by Reddit Mods. However, Ford official also spoke on this topic, and they said that they didn’t know anything about the person who is speaking of the new models. So far, we cannot tell whether this FordDesignBurner is a reliable source, but most of his answers are sensible.

Here is one of them: “It will essentially be a rebadged Everest but there will be differences. It will be a 4 door. I definitely can’t discuss pricing in detail but it will be competitive with the Colorado and cheaper than a similar F-150.” This statement is on the spot because we already know that the new Bronco will be based on the Everest and two-door SUVs are not exactly popular, so a four-door vehicle is the only reasonable way to go. Moreover, the Everest is a body-on-frame SUV, although you might be tricked to believe it is a crossover. This information is important because the 2020 Bronco will also be a body-on-frame car.


Furthermore, the alleged designer talked about its rivalry with the Wrangler and he mentioned the design of the new Bronco. He stated: “We are benchmarking the Wrangler Unlimited for design considerations on the Bronco, but the doors/roof/windshield won’t move.”

He was also asked whether the 2024 SUV will take the styling cues from the original Bronco and he said: “Not really, both vehicles will be based on current production models.” Just for the record, “both vehicles” includes the new Ranger as well. Hopefully, this is not true, because the removable top was one of those parts you connect to Bronco and makes the car more appealing. Is it really true that nothing will be taken from the original Ford Bronco? So, does this mean that the new car will only carry the Bronco name?


On the other hand, he also compared the off-road capabilities of the Bronco to the Wranglers. He wrote: ”Both vehicles will likely have similar off-road capabilities in their off-road oriented trim level.”
Speaking of the 2019 Ford Ranger, this designer said: “It will be facelifted, new headlights, grille, and front fascia. Corporate has mandated that the major body panels go unchanged.” Furthermore, he added that the new Ranger would come with the reinforced front end, and the reason for this is to meet US crash test regulations, while the interior will be rather unique. He also said that Ford would offer various drivetrain combinations.

According to FordDesignBurner, the new Ranger will have an engine connected with a ten-speed transmission, while the vehicle itself will be enormous. “Our test mules are visually comparable in size to my coworker’s ‘02 F-150, but I haven’t taken a tape measure to either truck,” he added.

As it appears, the new Bronco will not be the Bronco we used to while the 2019 Ranger will be a large vehicle, at least bigger than we expect it to be. However, this information is coming from a source which is not so reliable, although he states that he is working at Ford. Some of it may be true, but we would definitely like to see the classic Bronco revived. What do you think?