2020 Basketball Betting Championship: 5 Ways to Predict This Year’s NBA Winner


There are few more weeks remaining before the newest NBA titleholder is hailed. The LA Lakers is grappling against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals today. Taking the best of the seven-game series, the Lakers are a point ahead in the rally in a 2-1 game run. Also, the Lakers come as the favorites, while the Heat takes the dogs.

While it’s true that both of these teams are giving their best as they never had the title for the longest time, the betting games also come exciting for all basketball bettors. Now that the NBA is on its conclusion, it is the best time to find a deserving team to wager who can reign supreme in this year’s NBA campaign.

Although you have only two teams to choose from, you must check all the boxes in selecting the right bet. Along with the basketball betting strategies you learned in the past and the 2024 FanDuel NBA playoff odds for both the Heat and the Lakers, here are a handful of tips you can ponder in selecting a deserving NBA champion bet.


Look for the Favorites

Although most NBA betting experts would advise getting rid of the favorites, they are a good option to make this season. As mentioned, the NBA Finals today is matched by the Heat and the Lakers. These two teams have shown toughness in their respective conferences, which led them to earn their berth at the NBA conclusion.

The LA Lakers are the favorites, and the Miami Heat are the dogs. It’s no longer a surprise that the Lakers take the best hype, especially in the odds ranking, because they have a powerful cast to consider. Not only that, but they’re scoring and defense are solid, both of which are their weapons to survive the Western Conference race.

Stay Informed With Team and Player Updates


Five more games are remaining before the NBA decides to proclaim the newest NBA champions. You still need to continuously get updated with the player and team scoring. Every match is important as it will determine how the player or team can play in the next game.

Apart from that, you should also read news about injury reports. These are unavoidable circumstances that a player can face along the way. Who knows, LeBron James, Anthony Davi, or even Bam Adebayo will suffer injury towards the end of the championship round.  It can greatly affect the outcome of the game as well as the bet you are choosing.

Elite Defense and Offense

In a professional basketball league like the NBA, a team can win if they have an excellent offense or defense. It is rare to see a group that does best in both divisions. That said if you look for a team to bet in the NBA Finals, find a group that can perform well in these angles. If they can shoot baskets productively while stopping their rival from gaining points, then gamble for that team.

While the Heat and the Lakers have a close offensive and defensive rating, there is a way to break the tie. You can compare every player’s statistics. Remember that not all big players can do both divisions. Also, mind other talents that can go beyond expectations as they can merely contribute to the team’s success.


Select A Team With More Home Court Advantages

Home court advantage can affect how the team will play in the finals. For some, this does not bear weight, but teams that play in their home field are more likely to win the match if you look at the bigger picture.

The team can get more hype from the audience, encouraging them to win. It adds extra pressure to the visiting team because they get many distractions from the audience. Make sure to get guided with the NBA Finals’ full schedule and venue to choose whether the Heat has more home-court advantage compared to the Lakers.

Tougher First Six

The first six players play a critical role in every NBA team. Since they will start the game run, they should score excellently to build a strong foundation. A team that tallies a higher score at the end of the first half has a better chance of maintaining their momentum and winning the match.

While it’s not wrong to hustle in the second half, players typically get tired and might not show the same energy during the first two minutes of the game. If you look for a bet you wanted to gamble in the NBA Finals, find a team that initially scores impressively.


A Strong Game Series Beginning

Every NBA Finals is settled in a best of seven-game series. It is the usual setup, and the team must win four games out of seven to be hailed as the next champions. The best of seven-game series are scheduled depending on the format laid out by the NBA organization, including the date, time, venue, and the home-court advantages.

In picking your next NBA championship winner, make sure to look for the one who is establishing a strong series. If the team you initially backed-up has won two or three games, they are most likely a deserving bet to win the championship title.

Although A losing team can make miracles and win all the remaining matches, they are facing a lot of pressure, and they should not lose to keep the momentum. It’s a bit risky to make this bet, so it’s always advisable to pick for a team that has already established a winning start.


Amidst the peril brought by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the 2024 NBA campaign had successfully taken place and will conclude in a few weeks. This year, the match is between the Miami Heat and the LA Lakers. For bettors who want to earn big when the deciding match takes place, consider the ways listed above in finding an NBA champion to bet to bring home the bacon.