The new-generation Renault Clio is scheduled for 2019, and it comes with significant changes. First of all, it will be electrified. Secondly, it will feature level two autonomy.

The new Clio has been caught on camera as it conducted some tests on public roads, but it carried the body of the ongoing model. The next-gen is expected to feature hybrid models, but it will also have level two autonomy, which is the first B-segment vehicle assembled by the French manufacturer to have that. With level two autonomy, the steering and speed of the car will be controlled automatically, but the driver must focus on the road ahead. The executive vice president and chairman of Renault Europe, Jean-Christophe Kugler gave the official announcement today.

According to Kugler, we should also see the latest connectivity features in the new Clio. Even though we have no idea what it will look like since it has entered the testing phase of the development with the body of the ongoing version, we don’t expect it to stray much for the current generation. Speaking of which, the Clio that is on the market right now was launched five years ago, whereas the facelifted version appeared in 2016.

What is certain is that Renault will use low-capacity petrol units for the new car, but there is a possibility that the carmaker will modify or even replace a 0.9-liter TCe turbocharged three-cylinder powerplant, which has proven poorly. Despite the current trend of abandoning the diesel units, Renault will use a 1.5-liter DCi that is shared with Nissan as we expect the new Clio to have enhanced performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions ratings.

The French manufacturer could perhaps use the Hybrid Assist mild hybrid powertrain from the Scenic and Megan, but no official information has been given so far. At this moment we don’t know whether Renault plans to produce one version with a hybrid system or if all the variants would be electrified. Modifications in the cabin are on the list as well, so the 2019 Renault Clio will come with more luxurious accents and a horizontally-placed infotainment system. Recent concepts such as the Trezor and Symbioz should serve as an inspiration for exterior styling, but we will keep you informed.