Jeep is currently working on the new three-row SUV, which has just been caught on camera. If you believe that this is the full-size Wagoneer model, you are wrong. The vehicle on the photo is the production version of the new plug-in Yuntu concept that debuted in Shanghai earlier this year.

When we compared the concept to this test mule, we have established the similarities such as the same greenhouse and wheel arches design. However, that was not all – the front grille of the test mule was also identical to the one on the concept.

Considering that this is a production model, there are some differences, and the SUV you can see in the spy photos comes with longer overhangs and lower ride height. The lights on the concepts were much more advanced than the ones on the production car, whereas the tailgate was thinner, while the C-pillar narrower.

In May this year, Jeep has released the patent drawings of the car, so we have the idea of what to expect. In the meantime, the stretched variant of the Cherokee’s Compact US Wide architecture is going to underpin the new Yuntu. Since the car in the photos has low approach and departure angles, it isn’t going to be an exceptional off-roader and if that was what you expected, find another option.

Jeep’s new three-row SUV will go on sale in China, but we expect to see it in other markets as well. So far, the American carmaker is quiet about this SUV, but they were willing to talk more about the new Wagoneer.

Speaking of which, the new Jeep Wagoneer is going to be a full-size body-on-frame SUV, which arrives in 2019 at the earliest. Of course, the company is going to offer the regular version as well as the more luxurious Grand Wagoneer.

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