2019 Ford Ranger – all about it!


As you know, some time has passed since the Ford Ranger was available in the US, well six years actually, and since then it received a new platform and a revival in which people overseas had the opportunity to enjoy, but despite all that the company decided not to bring it stateside. Thankfully, Detroit Auto Show happened, and for the first time we have official confirmation that 2019 Ford Ranger is coming to the US market.

What is the Ranger actually?

Well, it is actually a pickup that can hold its own and compete against Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma. The 2019 Ford Ranger pickup will again utilize its body-on-frame setup with a slightly tweaked T6 platform and will have both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive option as well. The same, again slightly modified, the T6 platform is going to sit beneath the new Bronco that is due in 2024.


The look

The overall design should not deviate much from the current Euro-spec Ranger, although we have hints that it will bring a significant facelift that is going to be somewhere in the vicinity of the F-150 look. A verified Ford Designer’s Reddit thread uncovered a possibility of the Crew Cab and Super Cab being available to the buyers. According to the same thread, the first one (Crew Cab) will be advertised as a family truck which just might be longer than the F-150. The Super Cab, on the other hand, will be a workhorse of a sort. There is also a possibility of an off-road variant which will compete with the current Colorado ZR2.

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The powertrain

Well, the driving force of the new 2019 Ford Ranger is still rumored, and those stories are saying a naturally-aspirated V6, as well as an EcoBoost four-cylinder, are the two units that will find their way under Rangers hood. The third option is the five-cylinder diesel that could be transferred from the Europe. According to some official statements the new Ranger is supposed to have “better MPG than the F-150” thanks to the new 10-speed automatic made by Ford, which is incredible news.

The build place

As we already wrote in previously related posts, the all new Bronco and Ranger are going to be built together at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan, production facility while the engineering and development will take place at Ford’s Asia-Pacific Engineering Center in Victoria, Australia.


2019 Ford Ranger Price

Thanks to the competition we believe that the price tag of the 2019 Ford Ranger will be around $25,000 for the base trim, but with all options, it could very easily reach $28,000 to $30,000. The off-road version might very easily come close to the $40,000 price range which is just in line with the upcoming Colorado ZR2. As for the debut, it will occur sometime in 2018, probably the best place for that will be 2018 Detroit Auto Show.