Once more a prototype of what is going to be next-generation Ford Focus is spotted testing. Some of the early shots revealed a test mule, but these showed the latest test cars wearing what seem to be a production body of the model that is scheduled for 2018, but which will come as a 2019 model year.

Test mules showed us something that is hard to miss, and that is the fact that the redesigned Focus will be somewhat wider and longer than the ongoing model, and that is pretty much everything important regarding changes. Ford is sticking to the old Focus formula that hasn’t failed them so far, meaning you can expect the next-gen Focus to offer the hatchback, sedan, and wagon body styles.

You can also expect a variety of engine options in the lineup, from the calm and petrol saving units to the performance oriented ones that are going to be fitted in the RS and ST models. The entry level unit will be an inline three with fuel-saving cylinder deactivation, which is also destined for the redesigned Ford Fiesta.

So far one unknown is eating us up, and that is if the Ford will continue to offer an electric option. The fact that this is unconfirmed hides behind the automaker’s intention to release a family of electrified cars, which are probably going to be under the Model E name. To add upon this, we must notify you that Ford confirmed (this January in Japan) their plans to add a compact electric SUV with a 300-mile range to its lineup by 2023.

As it was always with Ford and its Focus, the key competitor’s list doesn’t change much. It will still aim to beat the Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Golf. Thanks to the way they are heading so far, we can see that they might end up as a serious competitor to the said automakers and their respective models.

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