Our favorite automaker Ford is trying very hard to hide its sixth-gen Explorer SUV underneath a thick cloth until its debut day. What you see on the pictures here is indeed an all-new 2019/2018 Ford Explorer, although it might not seem to be because of the hefty amount of camo it has on. But underneath all of that lurks a brand new platform, and eventually a range of new engine options. This one was caught rolling around public roads near Dearborn, Michigan last week.

As I mentioned above, the camo is trying to hide an all new platform, known as D6, that underpins the 2019 Ford Explorer. All reports suggest that it is supposed to replace the outgoing D4 platform which has been on the market since 2005. What is even more interesting is that the D6 underpinnings are also meant to sit beneath the new Lincoln MKT body. This platform will make possible for a manufacturer to offer front, rear or all-wheel drive configuration to the buyers and apparently this test mule is using the front wheel drive because there is no rear axle that is visible.

The hood of the new 2019/2018 Ford Explorer is supposed to hide a range of more efficient engine options meaning that the existing 2.3-liter four-cylinder and 3.5 L V6 EcoBoost will probably remain and experience some modifications while the naturally aspirated 3.5 L V6 could be replaced by something that will be more MPG friendly. A debate is going on regarding the transmission options because no official word has come to anybody. The discussion is regarding six-speed automatic transmission that could be carried over or the new ten speed automatic that is supposed to see the light of day on the new Mustang.

2019 Ford Explorer Release Date

To all of those who do not know, the Explorer is one of the company’s most important vehicles. It has been on the market from 1990’s, and it has been sold in more than seven million units in the United States alone. The fifth-gen of this magnificent SUV is here since 2011 recording more than successful results and earning the North American Truck of the Year Award in 2011, which is not a small thing. This beautiful new seven-seater SUV is supposed to be unveiled to the general public either at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show or the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, and its sales are planned to start sometime in summer of 2018 as it will be marketed as a 2019 model.

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