Well, this might come as a surprise to some because it is very well known that the X4 has been around for only three years and as it seems BMW has already started working on the second gen, which is by the looks of things very close! The fact that might not be known by everyone, and it regards the age of the X4, is that it has been based upon the current X3 which is in our lives since 2010 and when you do the math the X4 is not really that young, especially when you look at its underpinnings. The successor of the X4 will most definitely make a switch to the CLAR platform as well as its sibling, the new X3.

The look on the prototype reveals very nice and sleek lines, which we are used to from the X4 by now, but those dual exhaust tips and big brakes tell us that this one might be a higher trim and performance spec version. But if prototypes have taught us anything it is not to jump to conclusions. The rear end of the X4 probably resembles and reminds you of the rear end that a Mercedes GLC Coupe has but that just might be because of the camo and the final call on this should be held for the time we catch the X4 wearing something more revealing.

2019 BMW X4 Release Date

Some of the posts we found indicate that the new X3 is going on a diet which will save it around 220 pounds (100 kilograms). This also means that its smooth sibling might be heading in the same direction as well and since we know that the X3 M is in the prep using the same logic as before we believe that X4 M isn’t that far fetched as well. As far as we are informed the third-gen X3 is slated for June 2018 while just before that BMW will make an official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year. The sales should begin just before the end of 2018, while on the other hand, the new X4 should be officially revealed sometime near the end of 2018 as a 2019 model year.

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