2018/2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Will It Come?

image source: ford.co.nz - 2015 Ford Ranger

What is better than Ranger? Simple, 2018/2019 Ford Ranger Raptor. After Ford announced that this model is coming back to the US market, we immediately received rumors about Raptor version, and we didn’t need much to really like the idea of special version.

It is important to say from the get-go that these are only rumors and that Raptor version might not be launched with 2018/2019 Ford Ranger. The line of the reviewers interested in this vehicle is long, and we are in it also, similar is with the cue of potential buyers as there should be a huge number of raised hands if you ask who wants one.

Recently announced 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor attracted a lot of attention with its features and Ranger Raptor could be positioned just below it like it will be the case with regular model. We have confirmations that new Ranger is coming back to the US but the top of the line Raptor is far from confirmed. It is still uncertain what will happen with Ranger so as we already said we need to take everything with a dose of the reserve.

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Performance version should also be built in Michigan facility, and if our source is correct, we might see it introduced slightly after base model. Without a doubt standard Ranger platform would be used, but similarly to what we are getting from F-150 Raptor it should come with few upgrades.

Some of those improvements could be shared with bigger brother performance model including Fox Racing Shox, six-mode Terrain Management System, an advanced four-wheel drive system in combination with all-terrain tires. With this package, it will definitely become the most capable mid-size truck.

image source: ford.co.za

Since we are far from official confirmation’s, we can only speculate about the engine used here. One of the options, and it would be a superb choice, could be the 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. This powerplant would come tuned, but anything above 350 hp would be incredible here.

The release date is another thing that can be only guessed but since we could hear Ford talking about performance models that they will bring before 2024 we are inclined to trust that one of those is the Ranger Raptor version. Standard version that hasn’t been officially confirmed might come as either 2018 or 2019 model.