2018 VW Golf R Variant spied!

Source: www.motorauthority.com

After a “small” setback with the emission standard, folks at the Volkswagen decided it’s time for them to bounce back. Apparently, it’s time for the mid-cycle update and the first one on the line is the Golf R Variant. Now the bad news. It seems that this Type R wagon isn’t going to be sold Stateside, and the enthusiast here will have to continue to enjoy Golf Alltrack and Sportwagen.

What is remaining the same on this vehicle is its 2.0L straight four which has been outputting 290 HP at 280 lb-ft of torque, and we presume that it will not be the subject of an update with the rest of the car. Transmission options are most likely to remain the same, offering six-speed manual and six-speed automatic with dual clutch paired with AWD as standard. Probably right about now you are asking “well what is changing?”. The German automaker has decided to focus on delivering high-end technology instead of mechanical tweaks.

On the updated Golf R Variant look for more advanced infotainment system that is now supposed to incorporate hand gestures which are basically top trend with the automakers. There could be some dislocation of buttons and knobs to accommodate this new infotainment unit and a possible refresh regarding the dash material and trims.


Source: www.motorauthority.com

On the outside of it, some changes are apparent thanks to the spy shots. Lights at both ends of the car will ensure changes, and they are supposed to give it a new and slightly more aggressive look. All of this is going to be followed up with the redesigned front bumper amplifying the aggressiveness. Sadly this was already seen thanks to the leak sometime in August where we caught a glimpse of the updates that were planned for the range of Golf models.