The first Volvo XC60 was introduced way back in 2008, and it is still eight years later the best selling vehicle in its segment. What we need to know is that the popularity of every car fades over the time, although Swedish automaker Volvo showed us that its fame goes down way slower. Nevertheless, it is time for some due refresh, and that is when the luck has served us catching a glimpse of the new 2018 XC60 Prototype and its interior.

Volvo recognized that the fame of XC60 is at its end and that if they want to keep selling it, a significant refresh is needed, especially in this day in age. Since the Volvo released its XC60 pre-prototypes on a testing journey all around the world, we bring you spy photos of the one caught in Europe. On the spy photos, you can see that it right about now looks like a small tank with all of this camo/armor on, but a few design cues couldn’t be hidden like a segment of the new headlights and vertical taillights that are out in the open. Now if you squint a little, you might see its stance and overall shape that reminds you of the somewhat shrunk XC90 which is a great thing since it is without a doubt one of the best SUVs in its segment.

It is going to keep the same SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform as the XC90 and S90 which is great when you consider the drivetrain department. You may ask yourself why? Well, the reason is pretty clear, thanks to SPA platform it is going to host three and four cylinder engines exclusively with an option of bringing a plug-in hybrid as well which is still in the preparation. The Swedes are convinced that their top range vehicle will produce around 400 HP, but only after the Polestar tuning (racing) house is finished with it.

As for the interior, we are pleased to tell you that the XC60 will boast with all new dash and center console that slightly resembles that in the XC90. The Display from the center console is almost identical to the one on the XC90 and S90, but the A/C vents on both sides are much bigger on the XC90. What goes very good with the new interior are the tech gadgets prepared, and the list, this time, is huge which means only one thing – probably one of the safest cars in its segment. It will feature IntelliSafe with a huge amount of active safety features, and possibly an ability (unclaimed one yet though) to drive itself in city traffic up to certain speeds.

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