According to some reports Volkswagen has already started working on its CC sedan replacement, and now we have a confirmation, that came on Monday, stating that the CC’s successor will be named Arteon.

The Arteon prototype vehicle has been testing for some time now, and as we managed to see on the test mules, it will be more handsomely designed than its predecessor. If you recall the 2015 and the Geneva Auto Show, then you know that German company gave us a taste of the Sport Coupe GTE concept design which hinted, back then, that VW is planning a more dynamic look for the Arteon. It also meant differentiation from the generic Passat models sold overseas with which it shares the platform. The platform in question is the flexible MQB which is supposed to be stretched for the Arteon to approximate overall size of 190 inches and a wheelbase of 119 in. To anyone who can think logically, this can only mean an increase in cabin space and maybe an increase of the trunk as well compared to the current model that has a length of 189 inches and wheelbase of 107 inches.

The 2018 Volkswagen Arteon is supposed to share one thing with the Passat, though, and that is its powertrain. That means that this model will host a series of turbocharged inline four engines and there is also a range topping engine in plans which will probably be an Arteon GTE plug-in hybrid model. If you recall the Sport Coupe GTE featured a plug-in hybrid setup that combined a turbocharged 3.0 L V6 paired with a set of electric motors to form a “through-the-road” hybrid all-wheel-drive system. But unlike that, the Arteon GTE will probably go with the setup fitted to the Passat sold overseas, which means that it will host a slightly tamer turbocharged 1.4 L inline 4 and a single electric motor integrated with the transmission.

The plans to unveil the Arteon to the general public are set for 2017 and the Geneva Auto Show, but what is bad news that it is currently under consideration if it will go overseas to US markets. But what the German automaker must know is although the CC has never been a big seller here and since the Phaeton never arrived and created a hole, the Arteon will be a good solution to fill that gap as the important flagship sedan role for VW. We also came across some speculations about a possibility of a wagon body, but since the VW is trying to cut costs by eliminating niche products and with that diesel scandal, we think that it is highly unlikely that the wagon body car comes.

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