There are some incredible vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show, and one of those is 2018 Toyota C-HR crossover. This one is no different than the other models when it comes to equipment and engine, but the bright metallic teal body is what sets it apart from the rest of the lineup making it special.

The version that we saw had a gloss white contrasting roof as well as a prototype stickers because of which we don’t know whether this car will reach production or not. Toyota official eventually confirmed that this model would reach the assembly line in the color you can see here.

If you like to experiment with the paint job, we have some great news for you. The white color of the roof on the C-HR doesn’t have to be combined necessarily with teal as you are able to choose other options from the list as well. We don’t know which roof paints will be available, but a shade of red and blue are definitely going to be among those that are offered.

Speaking of the roof, it is only offered either in white or in body color, but Toyota engineers are also considering a black roof option for the 2019 MY. This is just a plan, and nothing is certain, but we will keep you informed.

Even though we believe that the combination of teal and white on the Toyota C-HR looks stunning, not everyone agrees with us. That is exactly the reason why Toyota plans to offer various color options since the tastes differ. What do you think about the 2018 Toyota C-HR that debuted in Windy City? Which color would you choose for this vehicle?