When you make a new car or redesign the old one, you tend to make something new and fresh, make some changes no matter how big or small. What we have here is a 2018 Suzuki Jimny, a vehicle that defies those principles and remains pretty much the same (design guise) from year to year. The Jimny has retained its familiar look for around two decades, but what is most interesting is that it still looks awesome and fun, and as you will see here from these leaked images, that isn’t going to change when it comes to 2018 MY.

The set of high res pictures that leaked some time ago show us some details of the 2018 Suzuki Jimny and thanks to that we can tell you that it will retain that retro-flavored boxy body that so many of us love. When you come to think about it, Suzuki with its Jimny is just like Mercedes with its G-Class, they are keeping their designs pretty much the same because “the teams that wins, doesn’t need to be changed.” Besides the overall look, something else is remaining the same, and it’s the real 4×4 capabilities that come thanks to the company’s proprietary Allgrip Pro system and low gearing.

The frame construction will remain the same, but the vehicle itself will be boosted by some novelties like the Boosterjet turbocharged gasoline engine, and the company will make sure that you be graced with additional safety kit and a modernized interior equipped with some of the latest tech features that the Japanese brand has to offer. Few reports state that there will be a slight bump in the 2018 model’s size which will result in a somewhat more spacious cabin. A lot of details regard its reveal are unknown, but most believe that we will see 2018 Suzuki Jimny at the Tokyo Motor Show that starts sometime at the end of next month.

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