2018 Mercedes Benz G class caught out

Source: Youtube

Next gen design but same old boxy look and feel is what is going to describe best the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The most popular tough SUV loved by so many people, with troops of G -Class enthusiasts is going in 2018 with its chin held up high.

Next gen for most vehicles means a brand new design language and features, but German automaker decided that team that’s playing well don’t need to be changed. G-Class is going forward with the trends, but it’s keeping its striking features that made it what it is, and what haven’t changed that much since 1979. A short video that came up online showed us that the 2018 Mercedes-Benz G is going to be somewhat wider than the ongoing model which automatically means more space inside, and possibly better stance and handling on the road. Video shows, what I’ve mentioned above, that exterior look, remained true to the original with its boxy body, round headlights, flat windshield and spare tire mounted on the cargo door.

It seems that few more things are going to change underneath the skin, where some rumors from early this year, stated that lightweight frame is in preparation for 2018 G-Class. This, of course, will help it lose some weight (around 900 pounds less), unlike the current model that stands as one of the chunkier SUVs on the market. But that is not something bad because many of its buyers decided for a G class just because of its chunkiness.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Engine department apparently is also preparing something new. There is a possibility that the 2018 G class might adopt 8 and 12 cylinder engines with larger displacement for the future but only for US markets, and offer six-cylinder turbocharged diesel units for European buyers. There is a good chance that a “few” twin turbocharged V12 engines might find their way there as well. One more news might interest you, and it regards the steering system wich will be updated with the electronic system so it can with ease accompany the latest driver-assistance systems. Regular G-Class will transfer its power to all four wheels via nine-speed automatic transmission while the AMG`s might keep 7-speed gearbox in use for now.

It is predicted that it will appear on one of the major car shows during the next year and go out on a sale right after as a 2018 model. Can’t wait to see it!