One more treat from everybody’s favorite European manufacturer – Mercedes of course – is coming in the form of a more hardcore version of its C63 Coupe the 2018 AMG C63 R Coupe, which thanks to the lady luck was caught outside testing. What we have here on the spy shots is very likely the more track focused C63 R Coupe instead of the successor to the C63 Coupe Black Series. Its name (C63 R Coupe) was very likely the product of following the naming practice that came after the introduction of the GT R sports car.

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On the first look, the aggressiveness of the AMG C63 R Coupe over the C63 S Coupe is obvious especially on the front bumper and massive wing which found its place on the trunk lid. When you add more elements like this to the exterior it is always good to add it inside (the engine bay) as well, just to balance these two out. That is why we will be getting some extra horsepower under the hood is of this supercar.

When we talk about the power upgrade the new AMG C63 R Coupe will offer more grunt than C63 S which is rated 503 HP that gets from its twin turbo 4.0-liter V8, but it probably will not have more than GT R’s 577 HP. What we believe to be the most viable solution is that the AMG C63 R Coupe pumps out around 550 HP like the recently revealed GT C Roadster. What is one more thing that it might adopt from the other models in the lineup is possibly the four-wheel-steering system that we saw recently introduced on the GT R.

For now, with so little info available this is all that we can give you, but make sure to keep following us for more details that might float our way!

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