2018 Jeep Wrangler set to nail its debut and conquer the Los Angeles Auto Show!


The info that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler will appear at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show comes straight from the company’s CEO Mike Manley. This is a highly expected news, and every fan will fly to the event just to check out the latest from Jeep.

But wait, there’s more great news. Besides the news about Jeep attending the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, Mike Manley also revealed some additional juicy details about the 2018 Wrangler. In a statement he gave to UK-based Auto Express, he said that there will be some changes to the Wrangler’s drivetrains, some increase in capability and refinement levels, as well as design. Head of the company also stated that the new platform that Wrangler uses is as they call it “future-proof” and is capable of accepting electric powertrains, but unfortunately, Mike did not clarify what that means exactly – will the new Wrangler be fully EV or will it receive hybrid power. The only thing he did confirm is that there will be more info widely available regarding this topic sometime near the end of the year.


As we managed to find out, the improvement of the platform will mean that the Wrangler will get the necessary improvements in fuel economy, ride comfort and cabin noise levels, which are especially important when you are using it as a daily driver, not just a rock crawling monster somewhere in Moab, Utah. When I already mentioned Moab, it is a great time to recall that Wrangler-based concepts shown earlier this year at the Easter Safari (which we also reported on), and state that that concept pretty much hints us what we can expect to see at Jeep’s stand at the LA Auto Show. What is even more important is that the 2018 Wrangler will not be only based on the Easter Safari concept. There are two more like the Quicksand concept and the Switchback concept which had some radical design to them that might not all reach the production, but those diet treatments and some of the heavier-duty hardware probably might.

What will surely remain on this Wrangler like it did on all others before are those distinctive design elements that make this iconic vehicle, like the grille, raised hood and big wheel arches. Oh and don’t let us forget another hot news that came straight from Manley and that is that just after the 2018 Wrangler reveal a Jeep pickup is set for 2019, and that will be followed by a Grand Wagoneer in 2024. He also confirmed that the company is working on another vehicle, but it will be a small entry-level model which will fit just below the Renegade.