FCA will launch a new SUV using the Wagoneer name as the company confirmed in spring two years ago in its five-year strategy announcement. According to the company, the new car will go on sale by 2018.

Furthermore, new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be added to the Jeep lineup in order to back up the sales of the SUV, which were in a decrease comparing to luxury brands.

We could see a presentation in which we caught a glimpse of some completely new details about the Grand Wagoneer and Wrangler on the latest dealer meeting. Luckily, we have the pictures from the presentation thanks to Automotive News.

New Jeep Wrangler will only see some minor updates and it will look a lot like the ongoing version. On the other hand, Grand Wagoneer will be overhauled substantially. In comparison to the Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer will be considerably taller and wider.

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The Jeep will contain the current seven-slot grille, but it will be broader. Furthermore, the car will be equipped with LED headlights and each will consist of seven independent light clusters. Meanwhile, the taillights will receive almost identical treatment.

The next-generation of the Grand Cherokee’s platform will be stretched and installed in the new Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer. Both cars will go on sale in 2018 as 2019MY. Both SUVs will come with three rows of seats and according to Jeep CEO, Mike Manley some better-equipped versions of the Grand Wagoneer will be priced at $140,000.

The new Jeep Wrangler will hit the market next year as 2018MY.