Hyundai’s Kona probably had the longest teaser campaign out there with around 12 videos released, but it is apparently coming to an end since the company announced that the final unveil of the 2018 Kona will happen on June 12th. To ease everyone’s pain until that moment, they released yet another teaser that consists of two images. Thanks to those pictures, with minimal Photoshop use we managed to bring out the crossover’s styling almost in full.

What you see, once more, is the Kona in the same bright orange shade you had the pleasure of seeing last month when the crossover was spotted without any sort of camouflage while participating in a photo shoot. To show that it is as “weird” as Nissan’s Juke, it as well has that double headlight arrangement neatly tied with the “Cascading” grille first seen on the new i30.

As we got used to seeing from crossovers, the Kona as well has that black plastic body cladding noticeable on the wheel arches and on the lower sections of both bumpers but they, luckily, don’t look half as bad like on some other models. More of that plastic can be found on the side skirts and more of the same with a glossy black finish on the roof (including rear spoiler) and the side mirror caps. The rear of this new awesome crossover is very nicely mimicking the front especially in the taillight department with double lights and a pair of elegant upper clusters that appear to be similar to the ones you will see on the new i20.

Besides offering everyone these new teaser images, Hyundai also announced that the 2018 Kona will be their first vehicle to feature a HUD. It will bring an 8-inch image that will be projected on the driver’s line of sight, and it is going to have a luminescence of 10.000 candela per square meter, which at this point, at least according to the company, is unmatched in this segment.

2018 Hyundai Kona Release Date

The official debut of the 2018 Hyundai Kona is supposed to happen in just two weeks and right after that expect its official launch which is happening this summer. The Kona will not be alone though, according to some reports it will be joined by a similar model from its partner Kia which is called Stonic. It is a B-segment crossover that will have lot more conventional design, and as we managed to find out, it might be unveiled before the year’s end.

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