Apparently, Chrysler will not be the only car maker that is going to roll out a brand new minivan in 2017. Honda is also putting a lot of work and effort into theirs 2018 Odyssey which will be unveiled at the Detroit auto show in January. The company decided to take another step and tease the audience with the concept image of the 2018 Honda Odyssey, but they also asked for additional help from the younger generation.

Honda decided to mix things up this time and while they included the actual concept image of the 2018 model they tossed a bunch of children paintings in for extra credit as well. What actually happened is that Honda development team has called upon their kids to draw pictures of the new minivan, and as you would expect those children teaser images do not reveal much, unless of course, you are worried that it might come without doors and wheels.

honda odyssey teaser kids 640x495

The actual teaser image, on the other hand, offers a bit more details. Apparently, the new minivan will host a floating D-pillar that is becoming a very demanding design feature lately. The taillights are completely different than on the ongoing model, and look almost as futuristic as on the new Civic. The overall exterior look is slicker and more elegant than ever, and that might actually attract even more buyers. Of course after looking at those kids drawings, do not worry it will most certainly come with doors and wheels on because they haven’t found a way to replace those, at least yet.

The company also promised that new Odyssey would bring something new to the table and that will be in the form of new powertrains and a whole bunch of new features inside and out. Nobody right now is sure what those “new features” actually are going to be or what exactly are they, but answers will surely come in the form of a new minivan on Detroit auto show in January. To keep yourself entertained enjoy the paintings, they surely are something else.


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