2018 Honda Civic Type R will come with available CVT?


As it was already announced before, Honda is bringing its 2018 Civic Type R in the US sometime later this year. This magnificent vehicle is scheduled to be introduced during the second or third quarter and according to the latest online report, it is going to be available with a CVT as an option instead of the dual clutch transmission, while the standard will remain a six-speed manual transmission.

The info that stands behind this is coming from the November issue of CAR, and it was put together with details provided by senior Honda staff Mirsuru Kariya, Daisuke Tsutamori, and Katsushi Inoue. Kariya and Tsutamori are both head engineers and head designers (respectively) of the Civic line, and Inoue is the head of Honda in Europe, and that is why this info is true and checked out. But this is one of those news that are good and bad at the same time. You are probably asking why? Well, its the thing about CVT’s and performance cars, they just do not go together, and as far as a hardcore Civic Type R fans are considered, a manual transmission would be the number one choice every time, even over a dual-clutch transmission.


Since this report uses verified info, it is also good that it mentioned a few things about the new 2018 Honda Civic Type R we found out from previous posts like the fact that it will host front-wheel drive with a limited-slip differential for the front axle. It will also have a lower center of gravity compared to the standard Civic Hatchback on which it is based, meaning better stance, more grip, and improved stability. Sadly CAR hadn’t reported anything about the engine options, at least yet, but the overall opinion is that the new Civic Type R will be graced with a turbocharged 2.0 L inline 4 delivering well over 300 HP. As you know, the Civic Type R sold overseas is good for 306 HP, and it would be pretty sad if the new one doesn’t zoom past that number.

Honda is keeping the production version of the car a tightly guarded secret still, and anything we saw so far was a prototype variant of it. The road-ready model is supposed to debut at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show, which starts March 7th, so stay close and expect more updates!