Honda and its hot hatch the Civic Type R are drawing much attention lately, but that is understandable because it is probably the most anticipated vehicle, besides the Ford Bronco back in states. The very sharp eyes of the spy photographers managed to catch one Type R testing on the streets near the Gold Coast in Queensland with Victoria plates where the company headquarters are.

As it goes with cars that are tested in the open far ahead of their official reveal, a hefty amount of black and white camo are covering the nearly entire car, but nevertheless, it is still recognizable as the Civic, and it very much resembles the Type R prototype revealed at the Paris motor show. But as everybody already knows, this hot version distinguishes itself from other Civic siblings with a very aggressive body kit and large alloy wheels that “hide” the massive Brembo brakes. Out back the hot little hatch hides a huge rear wing and a Ferrari 458-like exhaust pipes that give it additional sporty sharpness.

This particular test mule, that pretty much looks production ready was caught by a CarAdvice reader Bernard which saw it on M1 freeway when he was returning to Brisbane. The Honda is being wise about the amount of info it releases, and as you know, the powertrain for the new 2018 Civic Type R are still unconfirmed. What is expected and predicted by most is that it will feature a tuned up version of the current 310 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque 2.0 L turbo engine that is sending all that power to front wheels. The power figure should go up to 340 hp, but official info will be offered slightly later.

For all the Australians the good news is that the Honda’s local chief, Stephen Collins made a confirmation that the Civic Type R is on the right track and that it will be hitting the showrooms across the Land Down Under by the end of 2017. This means that it will show up some six months after the regular versions of the new Civic hatch appear there. Unfortunately like the American market, Aussie one also did not see the currently available Type R based on the previous-gen Civic hatch, mostly because it was launched pretty late in the vehicles life cycle and with only a left-hand drive development plan. But thankfully Honda will change all of that with this model year, and without any doubt, bring happiness to many car enthusiasts there.

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