It was long awaited, but it finally happened! The 2018 Honda Accord, the most expected vehicle from this manufacturer entered the production yesterday at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. According to the plans of this company, the revised midsize sedan will start selling in the fall while its hybrid versions are set to arrive sometime during winter.

Although it is the most sought out midsize sedan, the Japanese brand had to invest around $267 million in its Ohio facilities in order to support the production of the 2018 Accord. That cash injection is being divided into $220 million that went to the Marysville plant, plus $47 million which is meant for Honda‘s engine plant in Anna, Ohio, which is the facility that will prepare the Accord’s brand new hearths – the 1.5 L and 2.0L turbocharged units. The cash flow into Ohio isn’t stopping there, meaning that the company provided additional $165 million that will allow Honda another welding area with 342 new robots.

The investment of this size means that the 2018 Honda Accord will be better than it used to be, even more when we add the fact that the company will be putting a whole bunch of new technologies into it. They are also working on making the frame of the car more structurally safe and rigid by applying high-performance structural adhesives plus the sound insulation will be even better with new acoustic spray foam. This new model is also getting a new shape, and for that, it has to thank the company’s laser brazing process for the roof and new stamping techniques.

As we already mentioned, Ohio plant will also release a hybrid model of the 2018 Honda Accord, and that job will be given to the new sub-assembly process which will prep the new, more compact Intelligent Power Unit that basically holds the hybrid battery pack and its control systems together. Besides the new turbocharged four-cylinder units and a hybrid powertrain in the making, this vehicle will also go on a diet thanks to a lot lighter body structure plus there are plans for adding a 10-speed automatic transmission as well. Since there are no more V6 units offered, you will get a chance to somehow replace that with a manual transmission on a sport trim of the vehicle.

For the end one more piece of info, which all US Honda fans probably know, the company made Accords in Marysville facility, Ohio since 1982 which means they have more than 35 years of very successful U.S. manufacturing, with more than 11 million units of this awesome vehicle.

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