Honda Accord entered their ninth generation in 2012 and the midsize sedan had a facelift this year. Now it may be the time for Honda to think of the production of the tenth generation of Accord. New Honda Civic started out good on the market, so the follow-up may already ensue.

On the photos, you can see completely camouflaged vehicle which is being tested. The car we are talking about is the latest Honda Accord. It reminds us of Civic since it has a short trunk lid and fastback roofline. However, we can see only the headlights which are narrow and wide, just like on the ongoing model. It is too hard to tell whether there will be some minor differences concerning the lights.

Although there are pictures of the interior we are unable to see whether there are some changes in the cabin. Only several buttons are visible and it is possible that the infotainment system will be upgraded.

They tried really hard to camouflage the vehicle so we can only speculate about some things. Turbocharging and CVTs have been the only certainty so far. Moreover, since the Accord’s rivals moved to the V4, the future of the V6 is also questionable.

2018 Honda Accord will be fully revealed sometime in 2017.