Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a name that a very few people are not aware of, especially when it comes to a person who knows “something” about hardcore tuned Mustangs. He is also a guy who drifts these awesome Mustangs and a man that owns a company that modifies them, and yes he is the one behind the design of the Mustang RTR. What is even more interesting is that his company just today unveiled their version of the 2018 Ford Mustang.

If you wonder how to recognize the 2018 Ford Mustang RTR, and believe us, it’s not that hard, besides all the badges that say RTR you will most likely see its set of illuminated openings that look like nostrils on the front end, which was on the Mustang before and it is on this one as well. But do not think that this is all, with the RTR you will get a unique graphics package, that is shown in the images you see here, a signed plaque on the dash, and a special aero package that includes that redesigned front bumper as well.

2018 Ford Mustang RTR

The 2018 RTR Mustang can be ordered in three different packages, or states of tune – Spec 1, Spec 2, and Spec 3 but unfortunately the details of what exactly those tune stages offer are not still available. One thing is for sure here, and it’s the fact that one of these tune stages will offer massive 700 HP which are pretty close to what Dodge Hellcat offers but on the other hand not as near to what the Dodge Daemon is outputting. Do not get us wrong, 700 HP is not that little, and if we know anything about cars, it will surely be enough for a burnout here-and-there with an occasional desire to kick the tail out and make a “few” nice drifts on the track.

If you are not a Mustang kind of RTR guy, then you are in luck because this company is about to reveal what they call an RTR Muscle Truck and it will be based on the Ford F-150. The reveal should come pretty soon, and all that is so far known about it is that it will be based on the Ultimate Funhaver Ford F150. If you checked out the YouTube video about it, then you probably know that it will definitely be loads of fun. One last piece of info is that both the 2018 RTR Mustang and the soon-to-be-unveiled RTR Muscle Truck will be on display at SEMA this year, and as SEMA draws near, we will probably receive more info on both of them. Stay tuned!

2018 Ford Mustang RTR taillights close up
2018 Ford Mustang RTR headlights
2018 Ford Mustang RTR taillights


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