There’s no denying it now. Ford is developing and working hard to deliver next generation of its large SUVs. If you don’t know which ones are those in question here, we are about to tell you. Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. Later one was even presented at the 2016 New York Auto Show. It featured gull-wing doors, and triple steps feature that most likely won’t make it to the production model. Both are very interesting but not very practical. What will remain the same, and probably be transferred to Ford’s upcoming flagship SUV model, the 2018 Ford Expedition, are the size, proportions and design style.

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In recent weeks spotting of the Expedition, test mules have become more and more frequent. From these most recent photos, it is hard to determine the actual size of the vehicle because of the heavy camouflage. The fact that is beyond doubt is that this is without a mistake a seven-seat, three-row SUV. It is Ford definitely, and looking at its size, it can be no other than the Expedition.

Despite heavy camouflage, we are expecting that 2018 Ford Expedition will be built entirely out of aluminum. Source for this could be the Ford’s F-150 (T3 platform), and we expect it to find its way to Expedition. Turbo diesel would be great, but there is still no word about this. Exhaust pipes on test mule don’t say diesel either.

What we do expect is 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 powertrain merged to a ten-speed automatic transmission. The base model of Expedition will utilize 2.7-liter twin turbo V6, but at this point, we can’t confirm it. Rumors about hybrid have also been surfacing, but this is definitely a long shot. In case it happens it will be a 3.5-liter V6 naturally aspirated together with an electric motor and a battery pack for a more economical SUV. The start-stop feature will be part of Expedition’s equipment helping their effort to reduce fuel consumption.

Stay with us for more updates on 2018 Ford Expedition.