2018 Ford Bronco – Resurrection Of Iconic Model


Several interesting things happened twenty years ago. The Craft was on top of the box office list, and The Incredible Hulk was one of the best TV Shows. The music world was shaken with news that Slash left Guns N’ Roses while auto industry lost one of its classic SUVs Ford Bronco.

After twenty years, some of these are again in the center of attention and some are being prepared for its major comeback. The production of The Craft 2 has been announced, and we can see Hulk becoming a regular character in the Avengers. Slash has returned to the Guns N’ Roses and the band is coming together again for their upcoming tour. And last but not the least, hearsay’s of the Ford Bronco coming back on the roads in 2018 has been confirmed.

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Bronco had been a crowd favorite in the 90’s. Riders loved its sturdy build and enjoyed its all-terrain capabilities. Many of Bronco fanatics were quite disappointed when they heard of the SUV’s demise. The discontinuation of this highly acclaimed Ford vehicle was truly heartbreaking. However, rumors began to spread less than ten years after that this tough SUV will return to the stage with the introduction of an all-new and improved concept. This innuendo continues to hold rhythm until then.

The people all over the America were already getting very anxious about the coming of the new Bronco when a presidential candidate, Donald Trump criticized the company in one of his statements during a debate. Trump suggested that Ford is moving production of few vehicles to both Mexico and China resulting in lowering of number Americans that will be employed by the company. This way he revealed Fords’ intention to move its production of small cars to Mexico.


Ford immediately responded to the candidate’s allegations with a tweet. They defended and stated that this plan would not affect employment in the United States because the company has already set the timetable for the assembly of two new models. Later it was suggested that 6th generation Ford Bronco will be produced at a plant in Michigan. There goes the confirmation of the Bronco’s return to the automobile market.

In their tweet, Ford promised to release two new cars which would eventually replace the Focus and C-Max on the production lines. These two models will be produced in other facilities and will make room for other vehicles in Michigan plant. Although the company had not explicitly mentioned the names of the two new cars, Ford’s new statements and reports from Auto Workers Union proves that these will be Bronco and Ranger. The carmakers hope to release the SUV by 2018.

Speculations were made about the appearance of the new 2018 Ford Bronco. Since this project is still currently in its planning phase, the engineers could not yet provide its fans with an idea of how it would look. Several car enthusiasts have attempted to create their renderings of the SUV, but the real image is still anticipated.