2017 / 2018 Ford Bronco is coming and will be based on 2017 Raptor?


2017 / 2018 Ford Bronco is coming!
The latest online speculations are that the Ford Motor Company (FMC) is supposed to launch four new SUV’s in the following four years and they will be starting in 2017. The story that was covered by us, we could hear Donald Trump with his campaign gibberish forced out a statement from Bill Johnson (UAW chairman for the Michigan plant) saying that the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco models are coming to Michigan Assembly. That made you and us very happy because that was first “official” confirmation on these models after some time of rumors and speculations.

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For all of you hardcore fans of the Bronco, which was shut down in 1996, we believe that this info is better than a Christmas morning. That last Bronco from 1996 was based upon the Ford F-150 we all had a blast with it, but now the news is that the 2017 / 2018 Ford Bronco might be heavily borrowing from the 2017 Ford Raptor.


Some other notions are that the new model might be coming with many similarities with the Ford Everest as well, but these are only guesses and wishes, reality is yet to be revealed. The Ranger model on the other hand, if it truly sees the light of day, will be spot on to strike a punch at the mid-size SUV market where the main competitors now are new Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, and Honda Ridgeline.

We can not hide the fact that there is a possibility that the new Bronco will be inspired by another SUV (that is by the way built on Ranger platform) which has similar dimension as Jeep Wrangler and that is the Troller T4. Ford bought the small manufacturer Troller T4 recently, and now it exists as a Ford Motors Company division in Brazil. Thanks to its dimensions and design style we believe that the T4 is also a good candidate to inspire the new Bronco as much as any other. But as I previously said this is just what you and we wish for, the reality is still a few years away, but we hope that Blue Oval company will make an effort to at least move one step further from the concept form and show us that they really mean it. Hurry up Ford we need you now more than ever!

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