2018 Ford Bronco And Features It Needs To Bring


2018 Ford Bronco is confirmed!

Just recently we have received confirmations that the 2018 Ford Bronco is coming to the market. While the details about what it will bring are pretty much nonexistent, we do know what to expect from it and what Ford will need to offer for this one to be successful.

Clearly, Ford noticed that Jeep is killing with their Wrangler and they want to get into that market segment to take the piece of it. Hopefully, they will be smarter than Toyota that failed miserably with FJ Cruiser that was an attempt to return Land Cruiser.

Size, hopefully, this one will offer dimensions that are similar to what first generation model brought. We don’t need another huge SUV as Ford has a decent number of those to offer, we want compact size machine and its main rival, Wrangler, is what they should aim at.


2018 Ford Bronco design – what’s cooking?

Design and the looks are crucial factors here. US car maker needs to return to the roots and bring boxy shape like it was the case with early models. We could see them offering Ford GT with modern looks but still true to what the original brought. Something similar is expected for Bronco, and it should combine design cues from 2004 concept and a previous version with new technology.

Among the things that we loved with early models and what makes Wrangler so popular is the possibility to remove both doors and roof. As a result, we would be getting one “naked” vehicle. Just imagine that, iconic Bronco returns with the possibility to drop both roof and doors, insane, perfect.

Four door option is needed even the two-door version was very popular for so many years. Why would Ford want to deviate from the original this much? Simply put, sale figures. Wrangler is great for comparison, and about 70 percent of sales are of four-door Unlimited model. Many people have kids, and it is far simpler to have a car with four doors, and that is something we can see in Wrangler sale results.

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One of the ways to slightly reduce production cost is to go for the Ranger pickup chassis. This mid-size truck could be the perfect for Bronco in both size and the fact that they have already tested platform. It is crucial for new 2018 Ford Bronco to be financially viable because without that there will be no new model. If we compare Ranger and Wrangler platform, we can see that both width and height are almost identical with only inch differences. Ford pickup is far longer, and that will be changed when the company prepares chassis for Bronco.


What about engine @ Ford Bronco 2018?

Ford is shifting its engine production towards more modern and efficient EcoBoost units. These turbocharged gasoline powerplants come in smaller and lighter package than previous naturally aspirated options. They are investing a lot into development and improvements, and we are able to see these offered in Ford GT and Mustang. Ideal for 2018 Ford Bronco would be 2.3-liter I4 and 2.7-liter V6 engines that are capable of producing 310 and 325 hp respectively.

Another thing that we need to see on new Bronco is the solid front axle since this is something that most buyers of capable off-road vehicles want. Ranger brings an independent front suspension, and that just won’t be enough here as it returns car-like ride. With few tweaks and tricks, it is possible to upgrade old design and make it a viable option, Jeep did it with Wrangler, we are sure that Ford can do it also.

What do you think about all this? Can Ford pull it off? What else would you like to see on new 2018 Ford Bronco?