The Dacia Duster has been a popular car once it went on sale seven years ago and more than one million buyers could tell you that this affordable model meets the expectations. Assembled by the Renault’s low-cost Romanian Division, the new Duster is expected to come with the identical platform to the one found underpinning the current version, but there will be some changes to both exterior and interior.

The Dacia Duster is a model people are familiar with all across the globe, so it comes to no surprise that X-Tomi Design artists rendered this car and presented it as a pickup, GT, and three-door model. Bear in mind that we are never going to see the three-door version as well as the GT, but a pickup truck is actually possible.

The base model of the new 2018 Dacia Duster could use the steel wheels and have no paint on the side mirrors and door handles, as well as on the front and rear bumper. To reduce the price as much as possible, Dacia engineers are going to remove the fog lights, which is completely fine because the first thing we think of when we mention the Duster is its low price tag.

Since Renault is already selling the Duster Oroch in South America, there is a chance for Dacia to produce a new pickup for the European and perhaps North American market. However, details about the truck remain unknown at this point.

Even though the Duster is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that you will have no driver-assistance tech or that you will have no features at all. On the contrary, this vehicle comes with multi-view camera, keyless entry, automatic headlights and blind spot warning. That is not all when it comes to the equipment, and to increase safety curtain airbags are installed. Automatic climate control is included as well. If you want, you can always get a 4×4 system which will be offered as optional. In a nutshell, the redesigned Duster will be as successful as its predecessors.