2018 BMW Z4 spied!


For a long time now, from 2011 to be more precise, we have been posting stories about the new 2018 BMW Z4 that will replace its dated predecessor, and what is more interesting is that this feat will be done in cooperation with Toyota, which also planned to replace their Supra model. They decided to make a new mid-size sports car platform for both vehicles that will do the job, but it will bear the main characteristics of each manufacturer.

The successor to the old Z4 was spied before, nothing new there, but when it was first spied it was thought that it will get a new name, so it received Z5 moniker. Today we have new spy shots and new info that states that this vehicle will retain the Z4 name of its predecessor. What we can definitely see in the images is the wide, protruding nose and what appears to be a set of narrow headlights, whose sleek design reminded us of what we saw on BMW’s 8-Series concept that was unveiled in May. From the photos, you can clearly conclude that this prototype comes with a more traditional soft-top roof.


As far as the engine compartment goes, we believe that it is OK to expect the 2018 BMW Z4 to come with 2.0 and 3.0 L inline engines with turbochargers, but the info on the possible power that they will make is not yet known. A lot of factors will influence that, mainly the state of tune of the units, the competition’ output, the transmission choices and much more. There were also some talks about the use of hybrid tech, but we believe that the German automaker will scrap that and will not use it in the 2018 Z4 mainly because they want to differentiate the new car from the Toyota Supra successor as much as possible. The one sad piece of info is that there will be no M variant for the 2018 Z4. Why exactly is that no one knows, but I believe that many BMW enthusiasts are praying to their gods that the company might change their mind on this one.

2018 BMW Z4 Price and Release Date

As far as the release date and price go, we are sure that the new Z4 sports car will debut in late 2017 or early 2018 with concept revealed that had been tipped-off for mid-August’s 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The price is also unknown, but with what we know so far it is fairly certain that the 2018 BMW Z4 will have a slight premium over the $50k starting price of the current Z4.