Dear readers, the world’s renowned BMW tuner AC Schnitzer from Germany decided to grace us with a 2018 BMW i8 with carbon aerodynamic pack, and they decided to do so on this year’s Geneva Motor Show. AC Schnitzer gave it all their best, and besides the carbon fiber treatment, this customized i8 also wears a special red chrome livery.


2018 BMW i8 Design

Famous tuning house decided to lower the car by 25 mm at the front and 20 mm at the back with suspension tuning which will add to the already sporty appearance of the plug-in hybrid. The exterior looks magnificent with contrasting carbon fiber elements that are visible all around the vehicle, at the front a more prominent carbon front splitter is present, the sides are adorned with carbon fiber side skirts and the back received a rear wing of the same material that adds a little more zing to the back.


As you can see the AC Schnitzer company really put a lot of effort to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic look and feel which is topped off with a large carbon fiber rear diffuser which provides a suction effect in the underfloor region of the 2018 BMW i8. As it is always with these aero kits, they do a lot more than just look good and distinct your vehicle from everybody else. These add-ons from AC Schnitzer actually contributes to better pressure distribution, downforce and handling characteristics which ultimately result in better performances and quicker lap times.

The fact that the AC Schnitzer is a company that pays attention to details is best seen through the features such as carbon door handle recesses, mirror caps, and the restyled well known BMW kidney grille. They also offer some exclusive options when the interior is considered, which include an aluminum pedal set and velour floor mats. To round up the flashy new look of the i8 AC Schnitzer decided to equip this one with a set of lightweight AC1 forged alloy wheels in dual-color or anthracite which have been specially ordered and designed for this vehicle.

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