2018 BMW i3 Has Been Spotted Testing


BMW is currently testing the upgraded version of their i3 model. When the German manufacturer launched the vehicle in 2014, the electric hatchback didn’t live to its expectations. Somehow the i3 didn’t deliver the BMW driving experience we all got used to, and it came with only 81 miles of range, which is inferior to its rivals.

However, in 2017, BMW increased the range to 114 miles by adding a new slightly bigger battery. Still, vehicles such as the Chevrolet Bolt and the Tesla Model 3 offer 238 and more than 215 miles per charge respectively, which beats the i3 by far. The downside of the Model 3 is that the buyers will have to wait for it to be delivered, and they will have to wait for a quite a long time.

This update of the 2018 BMW i3 will be larger than the previous one. The front bumper will be redesigned because of the new fog lights, and the internals of the headlights have been replaced. The rear bumper will also be overhauled, and its design will resemble those of the i8’s rear bumper.


When it comes to the mechanical upgrades, we are not sure what BMW will do, but rumor has it that the more powerful “S” model will be added to the lineup. The complete output of the i3’s electric motor is 170 hp, while the new model is said to deliver about 30 hp more. In addition, BMW will replace the battery pack as well and thus increase the range close to 200 miles.

It hasn’t been confirmed when exactly the modified 2018 BMW i3 will be revealed, but the Frankfurt Auto Show in September is a possibility. Moreover, in September, the German carmaker will unveil the updated i8 and maybe the i8 Spyder too.

Stay tuned for more details.