2018 Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid caught by spy cameras!


As it was previously announced, Bentley is making their way toward electrification in 2018, and they are doing it with the plug-in hybrid version of its Bentayga SUV. As we managed to find out, they will do that thanks to the tech borrowed from Porsche. Interesting combination, don’t you think?

The new Bentayga SUV is coming available with the 600 HP petrol powered 6.0 L W12 model and the newer V8 diesel, but thanks to the electrification trend that is forcing more and more automakers to turn to alt fuels Bentley decided to add the third powertrain option to the lineup. Rep orts say that it will be a plug-in hybrid. As we managed to dig up the company will eventually use that powertrain to the Mulsanne, Flying Spur, and the next-generation Continental GT.


If you look the design side of the vehicle on the spy shots, you will notice only one “big” change that sets the regular Bentayga SUV from the plug-in hybrid, and it is the additional fuel-like cap on the left rear wing which most likely hides a charging socket. To verify this, a DVLA search of the license plate confirmed that it is actually registered as a hybrid electric, using the 2.995 cc engine. Thanks to that we now know that it is most likely bring the same six-cylinder unit and powertrain found in the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid.


You all probably know that the brand new version of Porsche’s flagship SUV is just around the corner, which is why we believe that, if Bentley actually uses Porsche’s hybrid system, it will give it a sort of its own stamp with some small modifications. We expect it to add unique specification and power that will be different for the Bentley’s Bentayga SUV. But we will still need to wait some time until we can verify that and bring you some official stats and info. What is left until then is to enjoy these images we have now and any other that may come along in the future.