The 2017 UAZ Pickup is the latest model from this Russian car manufacturing company. They already offer SUVs and some other types of commercial vehicles, but this is their one and only pickup in the lineup. All of their models are known for good performances, interesting looks, utility, and are most importantly easy to maintain.

UAZ Pickup offers extraordinary off-road performance, large payload, comfortable interior and service usage of the highest level. With its modern design, it can’t only be used for off-road adventures, but it suits city driving as well.

2017 UAZ Pickup is the perfect combination of power and reliability with flexibility and comfort. The front end has recognizable UAZ V-shaped grille and LED headlights. Side mirrors are retractable, color-coded with LED direction lights on them. Front bumper is removable, and it adds another design level to all-around good pickup look. UAZ’s truck body comes in three versions: With a lid, a house-type body and with a tonneau cover.

The cabin of 2017 UAZ Pickup is characterized by its spaciousness and high-end quality of materials used. It can accept up to five people regardless of their weight or size. The new interior is featured on latest UAZ SUV the Patriot, and it’s transferred to this model also. The infotainment system includes a 7-inch display, AM/FM/MP3/USB/AUX ports, four speakers, compass, rear view camera, Parktronic system, Navitel navigation system that covers entire Russia and parts of Belorussia and Ukraine. Some of the other features that can be found in the interior are device cluster with ambient air temperature sensor, ceiling lamp with gentle light option and trip computer.

Back seats feature heating and have separate ventilation, so the rear seat passengers are able to choose temperature for themselves independently from passengers up front. Leg room is expanded in comparison with the Patriot SUV, and it has been achieved thanks to variably lumber support control switch which can adjust the height of the seats to accommodate anybody build.

2017 UAZ Pickup Engine

There are two engine options offered with the 2017 UAZ Pickup. First one is 2.7-litre petrol engine that produces 134 hp which is known for its durability, fuel quality tolerance and has tested and road approved design. The another one is 2.2-litre Diesel with 113 horsepower. This engine is created in cooperation with Russian and foreign engineers and features more than hundred original bits and pieces. It comes with Bosch common rail fuel injection and chain gearing VVAL which reduces costs of car maintenance.