The new 2017 Toyota Supra has been spotted, and despite the heavy camouflage, the production body is visible for the first time. On some previous photos, we could see BMW Z5 front bumpers, and we know that it will have many similarities with German sports model. But not all be identical, as it appears, the 2017 Toyota Supra will bring a different, larger front bumper with three grille openings. Moreover, the shape of the horizontal taillights is also visible.

The new Supra will resemble the FT-1 concept, meaning it will borrow some of its parts to the production model. In addition, the car will feature a coupe roofline. Speaking of the release date, BMW will introduce their Z5, after which the Toyota will step forward with their 2017 Supra. However, the exact date has not been confirmed yet.

Both BMW and Toyota models will come out with the AWD hybrid setup as they planned on using a petrol engine from BMW which is going to be combined with electric motors. The energy for these motors will be stored in supercapacitors. The new Supra should be based on the BMW’s platform produced out of carbon fiber, and we could see it already underpinning i3, i8, and 7 Series with modifications.

As we have already said, the FT-1 Concept will serve as an inspiration to the 2017 Toyota Supra. The concept was introduced in Detroit two years ago, whereas the Supra, once it is produced, will be the flagship sports car of the Japanese automaker. The starting price of the GT86 is £25,495, so we expect that the Supra will be more expensive.

Remember the supercapacitor we have mentioned before? Well, it was originally developed for the Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid Le Mans in order to store energy. Now, we will have the chance to see the supercapacitor in the new Supra. They will probably add some of the technologies they originally intended for the Yaris Hybrid-R.

Stay tuned for more details.