Mercedes strikes again! A-Class lovers hold on to your seats! If you loved any of the previous generations of it but sometimes found them lacking in certain aspects, you are in for a treat!

The fourth generation of Mercedes-Benz A-Class is caught driving on open roads, and we are very much glad to be able to tell you what was spotted. Apparently, Mercedes is done with the old platform for the A-class (MFA) and switch to a new one called “MFA2” that now features longer wheelbase allowing for more space inside, better driveability, driving comfort as well as some liberties in engine choices. German automaker made an effort to improve this platform slightly in terms of weight which will have a great impact on performance and fuel consumption no matter what engine is putt inside.

On the outside, it is apparent that a lot of effort is put in tail lights and a rear end which so far made loading and unloading bulky items difficult. Now Mercedes found a simple but stylish solution, where it is apparent that we will have split taillights where one part will be left integrated into rear panels and the other on the trunk door. The redesign of the rear end will help increase the overall trunk capacity. Up front the headlights will also be redesigned and now will have a lightning signature. Apparently, Mercedes will keep this A-Class a five-door model and doesn’t plan a three-door version anytime soon.

Powertrain for the fourth-gen A-Class will vary. The popular 2.1 L diesel engine will be replaced by the new 2.0 L version, and there are talks that there is a new 2.0 L turbocharged petrol engine in the makes for this vehicle. We could also hear mention about of a three-cylinder engine that is an option in a scenario of hybridization of the A-Class according to Bernhard Heil, head of powertrain development who stated this for the Auto Express. AMG enthusiasts don’t worry, you will not be forgotten, because an AMG variant on this beautiful ride is a must.

The fourth gen A-Class is expected to find its way to public at the Frankfurt auto show in September 2017, after which it will start deliveries.