Everyone who can be objective about these things will, without any hesitation, tell you that the Mazda6 (from the very first day it hit markets back in 2002) is very different than any of its competitors but different in a good way of course. When every other mid-size family sedan had little to no personality at all, Mazda6 was fun to drive in every way, always stylish inside and out, and was built with quality which is the most important thing. This was a sure jackpot for every owner, especially when you consider its price.

The one we have here is the 2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring, and it is powered by a naturally aspirated 184 HP and 185 lb-ft of torque 2.5 L inline-four engine. All of that is tied to the six-speed manual transmission, which is sadly featured on the two lower trims – Sport and Touring. To show that they are not losing the momentum, Mazda continued to upgrade their 6-er with even more and better sound-deadening materials which further lowers the in-cab noise, bringing out the luxury to the next level. The luxury increase is also aided by the steering wheel that came from the new CX-9, which some might like even more.

What Mazda intended here is not to let the 6-er age with grace, they wanted to make it just like the red wine, better with age, and they definitely managed to do so. What must be somewhat “criticized” is the rear seat that is, thanks to the company’s trend of comfort increase, a little too snug for some and the lack of the V6 powertrain. But the V6 is not that big of an issue, because when you take a look at the Japanese car maker lineup of vehicles, no new Mazda today is offered with a V6 unit. The overall verdict is that Mazda did it once more, and made this version pretty good. It is very close to perfect, which is a word that is hard to imagine out when any car is considered these days. Keep up the good work Mazda!

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