2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380 Has Been Presented


Lotus adds another aggressive machine to their lineup – new Exige Sport 380. We will immediately jump to performance figures as that is most exciting with this car. Reports say that the new vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, whereas the top speed is 178 mph.

New Design and Weight Reduction

The weight of the new Lotus is 1,066kg, which really affects the performance. Light as a feather, the new model has 25kg less than the Exige Sport 350, and on top of that, it comes with more power. The new parts on the Exige Sport 380 are front splitter and rear wing; more changes are noticeable with redesigned front access panel and rear diffuser surround. All of these parts have been made of carbon fiber and using this lightweight material helped the company to save 2.7kg. The back segment of the car has been refreshed, and the new Exige Sport 380 comes with two rear light clusters.


Moreover, new Lotus managed to lose more kg by adding a new polycarbonate rear window and a set of carbon race seats. Lowering the weight is the name of the game here and the new lithium-ion battery has been included, a set of forged wheels and two-piece brake discs all of which are light and all of which contributed to shedding weight.

Engine and Transmission

The engine is sourced from Toyota, and it has received some updates. The 2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380 comes with a 3.5-liter supercharged V6 powerplant rated at 375 hp and 302 lb-ft of torque. A new exhaust system has been added so that this beast can “breathe” more easily. Also, a fuel pump has been upgraded, and there is a recalibrated ECU as well. Also, a supercharger pulley that increases the charge pressure has been modified, and since more power requires more fuel, the capacity of the fuel tank has grown to 48 liters.

The new supercar will come with a six-speed manual transmission and what makes this option unique is the modern open-gate design in it. Those that want automatic will have to wait for the Spring of 2017. The shifting is cleaner and faster, whereas the lateral movements have been eliminated. This has been done with perfectly aligned components made from lightweight aluminum.


2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380 Price

The downforce will be increased by about 60% compared to the Sport 350 due to new aero bits and pieces. For the speed- and race-lovers Track Pack is offered. This package adds a set of Nitron two-way adjustable dampers. The customers will be able to choose from 10 different color options. In the UK, starting price is £67,900 whereas in Germany you will be able to purchase the new 2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380 from €89,900.