If you followed the events on, or even if you managed to visit, the Paris Motor Show this September then you know that 2017 Hyundai i30 was revealed there. Hyundai also mentioned the intent of enlarging this vehicle and make an estate version as well, which was thankfully caught testing and it looked nearly production ready. This company’s practical rival to Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf is supposed to officially show its new face sometime in 2017, and it will wear a price tag of $21,180.

The test mule caught by the spy camera has, as you would expect, a heavy camouflage on its body but you can without any doubt expect the same new angular face found on the new i30 hatch which gives it slightly more upmarket look. Since this is an estate model, the slightly rising shoulder is to be expected, and the roofline will slowly bend downwards from the middle to the rear bumper. This one boasts with practicality and trunk capacity which is expanded to over 528 liters as opposite to its smaller hatch brother.

Hyundai i30 Engine

The engine options should be transferred from the standard model. If you recall, the i30 hatch at its reveal got three petrol engine options and one diesel unit. Those that want gasoline powered vehicle will be able to choose from the entry-level 1.4-liter four cylinder that offers 99 HP, while the other two are turbocharged 1.0 L three-cylinder with 118 HP and 1.4 L four-cylinder that delivers 138 HP and are far above in the food chain. It is important to mention that the last petrol engine in the lineup, the range-topping 1.4 L is possible to equip with the seven-speed automatic transmission. The last but not the least is the diesel option that brings 1.6-liter displacement and will be available in three power tunes – 94 HP, 109 HP or 134 HP and they all have an option of pairing up with an automatic transmission.

Hyundai spent some time developing these units, and apparently, they are more efficient than those that were fitted to the old model. That fact there is the enough reason why the future i30 estate owners can expect a huge fuel economy benefits, as it was the case with its hatchback equivalent.

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