2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD – Review


2017 Honda Ridgeline may not be the prettiest car on the market, but it definitely contains some great qualities, which are worth mentioning.

The new Ridgeline finally got rid of the bed design which sloped down from the cab. It just looked strange and without it, the car’s got a different, more appealing look.

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The front end of the vehicle comes from the Pilot crossover whereas the 18-inch wheels contribute to the aggressive look. Thanks to the space in the wheel wells the Ridgeline resembles more of a truck. Furthermore, the lower body is painted in darker color, but it is still not one of the most beautiful cars in the growing market.


The tailgate opens in two separate ways – you can either fold it down or open it to the side, which can be useful in some occasions. There is an additional storage that is both waterproof and drainable under the floor. Moreover, a bed is equipped with speakers, so the music can be played inside the cabin and out of the car. If you are loading something, it might be difficult considering the height of the bed floor.

On a rough road, it behaves like a crossover, so the ride is comfortable and there is no bouncing. Here, AWD car has been tested although FWD is a standard.

For a truck, the handling is really smooth, but the tow rating is only 5,000 pounds and the competition is superior in this area. Ridgeline is equipped with a V6 engine that produces 280 hp and it has a six-speed automatic transmission. Even if the car is loaded to the fullest, it never feels that it lacks power. After the test, the vehicle consumed 21.6 mpg combined.

Although in some segments, the Ridgeline is more of a truck, the interior resembles the one of a crossover vehicle. The knobs for the radio and HVAC controls are missing and instead of them, the touch controls are used for the radio. This may seem like an improvement, but it doesn’t always function at first touch, which may be distracting during the trip. They may have changed this, but the climate controls remained a simple push up or down.


The Pilot served as an inspiration for the rest of the interior. First of all, leather seats that can be heated are installed and three passengers can sit comfortably on the rear bench, considering that there is enough legroom as well as headroom. The RTL-E, which is a top trim, has better-looking details and more soft-touch materials.

The 2017 Ridgeline is a perfect combination of a truck and crossover. It is both spacious and comfortable. It can be used for transporting passengers or cargo. Honda’s midsize truck is definitely a real deal.