Since it is the time that the 2017 Ford Fiesta to have its official reveal, of course, that we have gone trough enormous lengths to provide you possibility of the first look. Although it is heavily camouflaged as it is a custom with the new models in the test phase, we can still point you to some features that will help you get a general idea what to expect.

The pictures that leaked online before the official unveil show a huge amount of camo on the 2017 Ford Fiesta (understandable because this is very important model launch for the manufacturer), but there are some features visible through it. One of such things are the swept back headlights, slim front finish, and the all important family friendly look that has been retained for this model year.

But let’s leave all that there because the biggest change for 2017 Fiesta is reserved for its back segment. Rear light groups have endured a complete overhaul and instead the former vertical taillights we now have fantastic looking wide and horizontal taillights that really fresh up the look of the car. One of the reasons that Ford decided to take this step is to broaden the car a little and give it a bit more aggressiveness, well at least visually, and they have done it. The dimensions sadly haven’t changed, but that is OK, for its segment Fiesta has more than enough of space. It also retained the Global B platform which gave designers a hard time trying to fit all of these updates, but thankfully they have done it, and they did it marvelously.

Thanks to these slight but apparently pretty expensive updates, Ford has adjusted the price of the 2017 Fiesta as well. Since it is upgraded in visual department (in and out), performance and tech department, it is very wise to assume that the price tag will be significantly higher than for the ongoing models. But don’t get scared right away. The price might not be impacted massively because the re-usage of the Global B platform saved Ford some money that could have been invested in R&D of a new architecture. Hat down to Ford.

As we already mentioned inside of the car will get updated as well, meaning it will receive a large touchscreen display used to control the infotainment system. Besides this safety features list found in the 2017 Fiesta will now include lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and blind spot monitoring, not bad. Because of all this, it is still leading in the small car segment despite the existence of a lot less costly Ka+. The price of the 2017 Ford Fiesta should be somewhere around 13,000 GBP, while the Ka+ will be a lot cheaper thanks to some of its components being manufactured in India instead of Germany.