2017 Chevrolet Bolt vs Toyota Prius Prime vs Tesla Model X – Clash of the Green!


Green energy and future of travel, these two things are what combine these three cars – 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, Toyota Prius Prime, and Tesla Model X. These three companies are considered to be at the top of their games when electric cars are mentioned, and this time, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Tesla are clashing for the title of the greenest car out there.

What do people that decide to buy these type of vehicles consider first? Well, the only thing that can distinct them from each other these days is nothing else than their range. Since it is very important to have responsibility for the environment, it is also crucial to get to work on time in your very green car without having to stop every few miles for a recharge. That is why these three have been put to the test to see which one of them can get us the furthest.

Toyota Prius Prime is very much at the top of the list if we grade it by this standard. The Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) which is able to travel a total range of 640 miles. It is also rated to return 133 mpg-e which is greatly helped by its PHEV powertrain that gives it an advantage over the pure EV used by Tesla And Chevrolet. One more department that separates Toyota Prius Prime from its rivals and puts it in the first place is the $27,965 price tag which includes shipping but doesn’t include tax credit.


Chevrolet’s Bolt takes a very strong second place with the range it offers. Bolt can provide its owner 238 miles of driving range and has a return of 119 mpg-e, which is more than good. With its feisty little electric motor that produces 200 HP and 266 lb-ft of torque it can go up to 90 MPH, but that is a little sought information for electric car enthusiasts. Bolt also takes second place in the price department with its $34,100 price tag that also includes shipping but excludes tax credit.


Tesla takes third place with its Model X crossover which can offer its owner a driving range of 289 miles with the P90D powertrain. If you consider Tesla’s mpg-e counter that currently is rated at 89 mpg-e it is a lot less than any of these other two rivals, but the good thing that Tesla has going is its EV range that tops both of these two. Third place for Tesla Model X crossover all the way seems about right because it is the priciest vehicle among its rivals with a price tag of $116,700 for the P90D model.

At the end dear reader, only one thing is left is to ask – which one do you prefer and which one would you buy? Feel free to discuss. Share your experience with us.