2017 Audi Q3 Facelift and Special Edition


The hard working German manufacturers never stop as we get the info that 2017 Audi Q3 will receive a facelift and special edition in the lineup. God bless them, only if they put a little bit more effort in what they do maybe we would appreciate them even more. Oh well, we love them anyway, well at least their cars.

It came to our attention that they are preparing the facelift and a Special Edition of the not so small Q3. Don’t get us wrong, current Q3 will not retire anytime soon, although Audi is preparing the second generation of it. This facelift and a special edition for 2017 is proof of that. Apparently, they have put a lot of effort in visual updates of the current Q3 to make it stand out next year. It will feature redesigned front bumper with bigger air inlets on its sides (that have a purely aesthetic function), lip beneath the center channel and stone gray finish on the grill. To amplify all of that we have the S (Sport) package that will make the exterior look a little more, well sporty. It will host new front skirt surrounded with the matt silver finish of the underbody protection, diamond pattern inserts that will adorn the air inlets and all of that will be completed by high-gloss look for the grill and air inlets.


Now for the Special Edition.

It will be called Audi Q3 S Line Competition, and it will be inspired by the S line visual package amplified with the wheel arches in matt black. Furthermore, it brings unique casings for the side mirrors, door trim strips, spoiler on the top of the roof and a rear bumper will get glossy black finish on its lower part. This will be wrapped up with 19-inch glossy black wheels as a bow and S-Line badging on the fenders up front. You might think that this is not much, and you would probably be right, but that’s what you get with facelifts for cars that are already ahead of its time. Slight visual nip and tuck here and there, and you have a “brand new” current model.

Price will be around $37,000 for the S-Line Q3 Competition sitting on sports suspension, Audi Drive Select handling and driver info system. The regular model will probably start from $34,000, and these prices are for the Germany and other European markets where the sales are expected pretty soon, this fall even.