2017 Acura NSX praised by Consumer Reports for its comfort!


Consumer Reports are in some segments taken a lot more seriously than in others. When it comes to cars, US market takes those reports very seriously. The new supercar 2017 Acura NSX is made on the US soil but didn’t get the best reviews from auto magazines, on the other hand, Consumer Reports about it were a lot less critical.

Apparently, the only “bad” thing about it was the hard time getting into it, but supercar fans do not pay much attention to it because that’s just how it is when you drive or own one. Much of the review was about presenting the engine and transmission and not that much time was spent in the suspension and ride handling review. What strikes us the most is that the most people said that it is kind of mellow for its look, not being too edgy and sharp like many other supercars out there, which pretty much means it can compare to them. Apparently, the noise that exhaust makes is not very nice, burnouts and drifts which you can do with a Ferrari or Ford GT are out of the question. Well, what is good then?


According to some, this is the supercar that doesn’t want to kill you, because the combination of sporty suspension and hybrid powertrain gives a lot of electric power to the front wheels making the trajectory and handling of the car very predictable and safe. Next thing is the adjustable suspension which the people very much appreciated, because it irons the road imperfections very nicely, almost to the fullest. But let’s not get fooled the 2017 Acura NSX isn’t the only supercar with the kind of suspension that doesn’t want to break your spine in half.

Seeing all of this makes us think that the 2017 NSX is probably a GT car reshaped and restyled in a way that it looks so exotic and fine that it could easily be mistaken for a supercar. Your thoughts?

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