One of this year’s biggest motoring events definitely is the 2016 Paris Motor Show. We are here to introduce you to what you can expect from this year’s showing.

There haven’t been much happening or car presentations during the summer, so all of the big revelations are projected to occur at the Paris Motor Show. Some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers have already announced that they are going to introduce their new cars in Paris.

Mondial de L’Automobiles as it is called in French is an auto show that is held every second year, with one year being reserved for Paris and the other for Frankfurt. Its main rival, to call it that way, is the Geneva Motor Show. It is a matter of prestige which Auto Show will present better cars to the world. Paris Motor Show held in 2014 was the most visited auto show in the world with approximately 1.25 million visitors.

It is also considered to be a home turf for French Manufacturers Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and not so mainstream Aixam and Ligier. Together with French companies, this year Paris Motor Show will be a home for most of the world’s largest car manufacturers which will be presenting almost everything in their range. From the smallest mini-cars to the biggest SUV-s, and hypercars and concepts in the middle.

Now, let’s take a look at what will we be presented at the Paris Motor Show.


Abarth doesn’t have any new vehicle scheduled for presentation in Paris but instead it will once aging show their ongoing Abarth 124 and new 595. These cars are sportier and more powerful versions of standard Fiat’s 124 and 595.


Audi’s main showing-off will definitely be the new Audi Q5. The car will be on the market in 2017, and in Paris will be introduced to the world for the first time. Most of the design cues and technology used will be copied from Q7, but it will be the first car from Audi’s SUV line that will come with a major update.

Other presentations include A5 and S5 Sportback. With A5 coupe being presented a few months ago, these two are expected to feature in Paris. A5 Sportback will have more aggressive design compared to the regular model, while the interior will be same as in the A4. Other models that will be on the show are TT RS and Audi R8 Spyder.


Biggest fish from the BMW sea will be the BMW X2. This model will fit in between X1 and X3 as it can be concluded from its name. We had the chance to see it camouflaged and in the photos that BMW gave us. The car presented will be the closest to serial production model so far. It’s worth mentioning that we won’t see the final version until next year.


French company on the French auto show! Citroen is expected to present a couple of new models, and concepts. The biggest presentation will definitely be new C3 inspired by C4 Cactus, fully redesigned, filled with new technology and sitting on a completely new platform.

Another Citroen product is coming to the world scene in Paris. The car in question is CXPERIENCE which is a large sedan that will also be a plug-in hybrid, and it’s meant to give us a clue of the future Citroen’s to come. French manufacturer stated that this car is not previewed for their established models, C5 and C6 respectably.


Dacia will show its already existing models Sandero, Stepway and Logan MCV that all went through small facelifts. The biggest change on these models could be the introduction of new 1.2-liter petrol engine, together with already announced new grill and headlights.


Ferrari will debut with 2017 edition of LaFerrari Spider. This car will be limited edition, with only 150 units being made. It is expected that this model will attract much attention if it debuted at the Paris Motor Show. It will be offered only to selected Ferrari customers, so we who are mere mortals, will just have to settle with feasting our eyes on it.


Honda will greet Paris with its new Civic model. It will be bigger, with sportier design, more technology that will improve the driving experience and completely new breathtaking design. New engines in the form of 1.0 and 1.5-liter VTEC petrol units will find its way on to the new Civic.
A sporty version of Civic, the Type R will also debut at the Paris auto show. This model will be even more aggressive than before, with front end getting, even more, closer to the ground. It is rumored that it will feature more than 340bhp and that it will go 0-60 in five seconds or even less.


Hyundai will greet Paris with its new i30 which was presented earlier in September. Hyundai is keeping its hopes high that i30 will be able to fight off the competition in the shape of Renault Megane and Vauxhall Astra. They think that in terms of quality, design, included technology and handling of the car they did just enough to find themselves a place on the market. The i10 supermini was also facelifted, and it will be on Hyundai’s stand in Paris.


Projected as Fiesta’s rival, new Kia Rio was thoroughly redesigned and will have its incarnation at the Paris Auto Show. Its size was increased both in terms of length and width and with a lower stance, it has completely new, more aggressive look. Changes were made to the interior. Bigger, broader and cleaner dash with large touchscreen makes the interior look modern and classy. Thankfully to the new platform, Kia Rio also has more room.

Land Rover

New Discovery is what is coming to us in Paris. We already have some clues on what will the car look like and the technology that is going to use (Bear Grylls showed us how the back seats could be moved from the air while skydiving). Design wise the car will look more like Discovery Sport rather than regular Discovery. It will also be bigger but lighter. The official launch is scheduled for September 28, while the sales will start early next year. Starting price will be in the region of £45,000.


Lexus will be presenting another concept vehicle in Paris. Just like every time when the Lexus is in question, this is no ordinary concept. The UX Concept will be one of their best offerings so far. Lexus is keeping its mouth shut concerning this vehicle, but in spite of that, we managed to find out a couple of things. Size wise it will be similar to Audi’s Q2, while the interior will be a combination of modern technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Another thing that Lexus is going to present, and it’s not a car, is Kinetic Seat concept. This idea shows what Lexus thinks is the future of car seating.



AMG GT Roadster and AMG GT C Roadster had already been revealed before their official Paris Auto Show debut. AMG GT C will feature an engine that can produce 549bhp and 680Nm, sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in astonishing 3.7 seconds. Both of these cars are being influenced, in terms of design, by AMG GT-R.
Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Coupe will also make its debut. It is equipped, same as the other AMG vehicles, with 3.6-litre V6 twin-turbo that has 362bhp and can go 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. Things that will differ it from the other cars in its range are unique alloy wheels, different body kit, carbon details and red details on the interior.


Like some of the other manufacturers, MINI is not saying much about just which car will be showed in Paris. There are many things that point out that it definitely won’t be the new Countryman. This model will have to wait until Los Angeles Auto Show. Instead, Paris could be greeted with a more sizzling version of MINI Clubman JCW, but this remains to be seen.


The Japanese manufacturer will come to Paris to show off his new concept. GT-PHEV is new mid-size hybrid SUV from Mitsubishi. Grand Tourer PHEV Concept should slot right in between ASX and the Outlander. Regarding design, it’s much more similar to Land Rover’s Evoque with whom he could compete in not so distant future. This is all still far away because Mitsubishi didn’t disclose any info regarding production and release date.


Nissan is obviously planning to dominate the mini-car market. With new upgrades, the Nissan Micra could just do that. Based on the Sway concept, new Micra will have a completely new design, more aggressive and modern lines that will give the car new look. Not to mention a variety of new engines, and a number of technological innovations and improvements.


Although revealed earlier this year, Peugeot 3008 will make its official debut at the Paris Auto Sow together with its GT version. Ready to rival the likes of Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai, 3008 is one of the most anticipated crossovers that will debut in Paris. With its stylish design, new technology (i-Cockpit) and a completely new range of engines Peugeot 3008 is ready to leave an impression.

Another SUV from Peugeot is getting a facelift and a presentation in Paris. The 5008 has been reshaped from bottom to top and with the addition of new engines and I-Cockpit is more than ready to rival Renault Grand Scenic.


Porsche has officially launched new Panamera, so much that the Turbo and 4S diesel models have already been driven, but nevertheless this model will find its way to the Paris. Reason will probably be that this car deserves a full public presentation. New Panamera is a bit longer than the previous version, with more 911 lines included. It also features more space which will be even more expressed when Sport Tourismo comes out. The Panamera model that will be for the first time presented to the world at this prestigious show is the 4 E-Hybrid.


The last manufacturer from the French Big Three, Renault, will be presenting its pickup model – The Alaskan. Based on the Nissan Navara the car will feature 187 bhp diesel engine previously used in the Renault minivan segment. Alaskan should be available for purchase during this year for an estimated price of £22,000. Other models that will Renault present are facelifted Clio and Koleos SUV.


Like some of the other models from our list, Skoda Kodiaq is the car we have already seen, but it will still be presented publicly at the Paris Motor Show. Kodiaq is 5-seat and/or 7-seater SUV that will be on sale in early 2017. It will most likely compete with Land Rover Discovery Sport and Kia Sorrento.


Smart will treat as with two of its models. Smart ForTwo and ForFour Electric Drive respectably. Both of the cars will hit the market In early 2017, and the first one will even be available in a convertible version. This will be their official introduction, and in addition to them, ForTwo Brabus will also be presented. Brabus version will be available for purchase shortly after the Paris Auto Show.

Ssang Yong

Ssang Yong will present its LIV-2 Concept which is pre-production version of Rexton. This car is targeting Hyundai Santa Fe and similar SUV’s. Rexton will be released for sales during 2017.


SX4 S-Cross is Suzuki’s crossover that is booked for Paris presentation. Not much is known about this car because only one photo was made available for inspection. What is known is that the car will get two Boosterjet petrol engines and a 1.6-liter diesel one.
In addition to SX4 S-Cross Suzuki will also bring its supermini segment car, the Ignis. It was modeled after the SC100 Whizzkid coupe, and considering its size and little higher stance it will most likely compete with Fiat panda 4×4.


It is not confirmed at this point, but Vauxhall will most likely debut with its Insignia model. This car which rivals the likes of Ford Mondeo will get a more coupe-like design and a range of new petrol and diesel units under the hood. Technology wise it will certainly feature most of what we have seen on the new Astra.
Another car that will find itself on the Vauxhall stand is the Opel Ampera. Based on the Chevrolet Bolt, this model won’t be branded as Vauxhall but as an Opel instead. Despite this, it will exclusively be sold only in the UK.


The first glimpse that most of the people had at new VW Electric Vehicle was some time ago at the Volkswagen tech day. This model will be the main story on the VW stand. They announced that the car will have 248 miles of range and that this range will be increased up to 370 miles on larger models that will be delivered by the year 2019.