2016 Honda CR-V is the best-selling model in the country and unlike sports cars, which attract buyers with a chic and dazzling design, small SUVs are relatively simple and conservative.

If buyers prefer a car with a simple design rather than seductive sedans or aggressive sports cars, then Honda CR-V might be the way to go. It is a logical move for people with a wife and kids. But, even if you don’t have a large family, this car suits everyone and buying it wouldn’t be a mistake.

Honda CR-V has 70.1 cubic feet of total storage capacity inside when you fold rear seat forward. If you want a completely flat floor, the bottom seat cushion has to be flipped up first. Although some larger SUVs don’t have this step, it creates a lot of space for what seems to be a modest car.

Honda CR-V may not be a large vehicle, but it offers a lot of space for the passengers and when the car is loaded up with the maximum of five people, everybody feels comfortable. The bench is indeed mounted a little bit lower in the second row, but that is not a significant issue. Even on rough terrain, the passengers will enjoy the ride, since the car is not noisy.

However, the space around the passengers is relatively modest. For example, the most luxurious Touring trim is equipped with an advanced touchscreen infotainment system and the seats are wrapped in leather. Although it contains many functional features, it feels like Ford Escape or the Kia Sportage top that easily.

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This is the proof that the Honda used utilitarian design philosophy for the development of the CR-V. However, it is hard to turn a blind eye to some of the features in the CR-V, especially when Toyota launches vehicles like the RAV4 with a lot of stylish innovations. The LCD screen which is located in the center of CR-V is sometimes frustrating to use because it contains both hard buttons in the frame and non-intuitive touch interface.

LaneWatch system is also something that could be improved. When it detects another vehicle, the camera that is located on the passenger side mirror is activated and the area to the right of the car is displayed. The problem is that this is only possible on one side. However, they could have just used a sound or a blinking light to warn the driver. It would be fine if the LaneWatch system reacted to the left lane too.

Many problems arise because the projected video is distracting, so instead of focusing on the road, you are forced to see what is happening on the screen. Moreover, the infotainment system is unavailable when the LaneWatch system is on, which means you need to dismiss the image in order to use navigation or radio functionally. And, of course, the system only offers protection on one side, as it was mentioned before.

Yes, LaneWatch is far from being the best, but everything else about this SUV is great. It has one engine option that produces 185 hp and it is well-matched with the CVT. FWD versions are rated at 29mpg combined which is a superb result. AWD models are also available.

Overall 2016 Honda CR-V is one of the best small SUVs and it deserves the top spot on the sales list. Even if you don’t opt for the Touring trim, the Honda CR-V will definitely satisfy your driver needs.