The Fast and Furious franchise made a lot of changes when it comes to cars and how they look. Back in 2006 the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift brought back some of the nearly forgotten subculture of car tuning that implied vehicles that are fitted with the wildest chrome wheels, exhausts, paint schemes and interiors that you can imagine. This 1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX is another victim of that era, and it is currently on sale on the Car Sales in Australia.

To those who do not know this car was initially made for the Japanese market but later it was exported to markets including the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The FTO soon became one of the most popular front-wheel drive sports car that can now be purchased very cheaply. But when it comes to this example, we do not believe that any low price will attract anyone sane enough. This one will require its owner to have a very “special” taste in cars.

The list of mods on this car starts with the paint job where you have a mixture of pink, purple, black and gray, and to be honest, it does look professionally done and as it did cost a fortune, but it will definitely require its new owner to like this sorts of stuff. But the mods don’t stop there. This FTO has a set of chrome wheels so big and ugly that they would better suit a modified Hummer that comes from the mid-2000s. These rims are unfortunately combined with incredibly low-profile tires that, I believe feel like driving over stones even when on a perfectly smooth road. As you can see it doesn’t stop there, you also get a massive aftermarket exhaust and a white interior that has seen some better days.

When you see all of this, and if you are not into the culture from which this vehicle came, then the asking price of $3.999 is really too much. When you consider that the cost of the paint job was way more than that, you got to ask yourself what might be the problem with this car, that hasn’t been listed in the ad. But we could be wrong, it is an option, we will let you take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.
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